Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm simply trying out to restart and get into this seriously...

Now, seriously.

I am, technically, not new to this phenomenon we call blogging. After all, having been a writer almost all my adolescent life, I am not alien to thinking about a lot of things we would not usually think about in our normal day-to-day activities.

However, it was only in my first year in college that I was able to enter a glimpse into the world of blogging. I did start blogging myself in my Multiply account which was formerly so drab like those blank accounts which no one loves. What a year could do to a person and a website right? Now, which is also known as "A Momentary Sarcophagus" is now simply my beloved "firstborn on the net," so much that I have neglected my Friendster account, which came first after all.

But, then again, things do change.

I thought that since I am beginning to get deeper into the world of politics, social issues, writers and anything that would involve letters, I thought it's time I get into blogging seriously.

Hmm... siguro hindi pa din ganoon kaseryosong mga isyu, kagaya ngayon: dalisay na ranting pa rin lang talaga. At isipin ninyong Filipino pa mandin ang pangalan at pamagat niya. But I suppose my most intellectual/thought-about mind creations would appear here first from now on. Maybe some of the intellectual/reflective shots I did at Multiply would appear here someday, when I get the time to organize.

Till then, welcome to the new networld space being wasted by an inhabitant of weird proportions and unpredictable ideas/beliefs known to the outside world as Hansley Adriano Juliano, and known to himself as the " ".

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