Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Name of Despair

Rest your weary brow, fallen soldiers:
A new day is dawning, a new battle to be fought,
Clasp the broken rosaries we left in your cold hands,
Hell shall ascend from the depths of the soul!
Every one of us shall witness the conflagration
Like the hordes of blazing steeds of the conqueror
Lighting up our souls to take arms!
Everyone, rise up; the day of reckoning has come!
Do not be left out in the carnage that will run;
Our hunger for flesh to tear and rip apart,
Must be sated for all who came before us!
In the hope of ending the curse of years twentyscore,
Not one of them shall be dealt with mercy;
Inflame, maim, decapitate, violate; none are innocent!
Quash those, then bring before me, those who kept us apart
Us shall be witness: they shall be impaled and slashed
Eternal offering to the altars of deranged, hopeless longing.

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