Thursday, November 27, 2008

A personal statement to our Dominican brothers at Espana, Manila

Kung mababasa niyo ito, "Mayor" Leandro Santos II, pagpasensyahan niyo muna. Isa itong usapan ng institusyon.


The problem with the Varsitarian is that, despite supposedly acting true to its name as being a mouthpiece of the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in defending the Catholic position as counter to the Reproductive Health Bill, it was not able to show that it is what it meant to be. Why should an institution, let alone such one given the most favor by the Roman Catholic Church here in this country, should be the bastion of the fundamentalism and idiocy that the Vatican II, in the spirit of deepening and redefining what spirituality really is, has ABHORRED? Why should it be much more fundamentalist and paranoid, even worse than Adolf Hitler, when His Holiness Himself (who is German) is not?!

To bring up a relevant issue under the guise of a rabble against the achievement of a competitor is, by far, unprofessional and not consonant (nay, disgusting) to a mature Catholic faithful. This is unpardonable and is dishonorable in the field of opinion. If we are talking about the Reproductive Health BIll, then let us talk about the Reproductive Health Bill. Let us not call a discourse on the Reproductive Health Bill and then rant about the supposedly "undeserved" advancement of the Jesuit bastion of excellence who, despite its relative juniority to the University of Santo Tomas, has been able to act more for Philippine society than it has. We did not want to resurrect the campus wars that have been left and buried at the ruins of Intramuros at the turn of the 19th century, and yet we are not to blame. You threw the first stone, yet you are unclean.

We do not condemn the University of Santo Tomas, nor we condemn the Varsitarian, having long upheld a tradition of being a mouthpiece of the Tomasian spirit. We condemn the editorial board (or the fraction thereof) who allowed an idiot with an immature faith to express an opinion not consonant with true Catholic and Christian faith. One who is not worthy of being under the shadow of the Dominicans. One who is probably worse than the friars of El Filibusterismo.

"Report me and my cause aright. The rest is silence." - Othello, William Shakespeare


Yes, I would admit, my opinions may be wrong. Statements are verily welcome.

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