Friday, June 5, 2009

Dillemma of the Enlightened Youth

Thou hast been cast in the barren field
To sprout and shout the glory heralded
In a world ere long bound in conflict
Wishing to heal sores, wounds unlicked

We have emerged from the world of family
Schooled and made to value only amity
Deemed to pass on the name and holding
Oblivious to worries of the world unfolding.

Yet we have been, as Siddharta, disillusioned
Exposed to fears, calumnies never envisioned
How then can impure, naive hearts stand idle
When dignity calls for purging fires be kindled?

Only through a holocaust, then may we throw
Our bodies, hearts and penitent souls overflow
That the old priest who desires a vain old hope
May see this country in light, finally enveloped.

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