Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dysfunctional Sonnets 1 & 2

Created Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 1:38am

Zenith of my dreams now quite vague,
May probably pass by like a plague,
And perhaps deem me unworthy of thee;
Anguish be mine like worthless Montague,
Rage consume me for I shall not be free.

Has it occured to thee how it pains me
And vexes me when you seemingly flee?
Amazement never falters whenever I glean
How your pensive eyes penetrate and see;
Lighting on my dark countenance so mean.

Does it pain you if I seek so boldly?
Kindly be patient and please forgive me.
O, how can I condense into mere words,
In these paltry lines what I feel for thee?
Not a moment passes by without fleeing birds.

Tenaciously, nay, forcefully, I truly wish
Never may I lose your countenance so waifish;
And let me, my lady, just once to remind you,
A promise that I'll ceaselessly live for you.

Created Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 7:28pm

If someone asks you why one should not cry
Answer them thus: for tears blur our vision
Dim our minds and expose us to a lie
No one can disabuse of such notion.

Or perhaps because we as a rule forbid
Not only sadness but emotion and be tepid;
Like a fire that ceases when fuel runs out
Our lives are worse while feeling than without.

O, foolishness perhaps to stare at the moon
Divulging grave secrets forbidden since noon
Verily now I imagine its sharp crescent
Have become thy smile lighting my descent.

Every evening, therefore, I wander and seek
And yet I cannot find and thus I so grieve;
Your smile, I imagine framed by your cheeks
Radiate that light and hope, my reprieve.

Or maybe indeed I have fallen truly mad
After all, it is nobody but you to be had
Under this existence of wars and pain
Zeus be my witness, I live for you til I'm slain.

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