Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mi fantasma

I found every day disturbingly heavy
Ever since I made an oath to be free,
For you and your life to be left in peace
And flourish while my joy has ceased

Though I find it idiotic, grandly pathetic even,
For a wretched soul to act as to a heathen,
I deem it a burden I carry with deep sorrow
At knowing you'll never be mine any morrow.

Yet how can I blame your innocence and dream?
I do not have the heart to steal of its own gleam;
So it be, so it be, a vagabond heart am I eternally
As long as you remain and live with all glory.

My only little hope, in this hell of frustration;
For a few moments, cast on me your kind eyes
So at least I receive the last ounce of inspiration
In surviving and battling hordes of pain and lies.

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